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CSR guidelines

Respect human rights, abide by the law; be fair and transparent, free to compete; respect employees, integrate into society; pay attention to the environment, sustainable development; create value, give back to society; technology research and development, technological innovation;

Employee Care

Employees are the core of business operations and are related to the successful operation and growth of the company. The company always maintains the style of respecting employees, caring for employees, cultivating employees and trusting employees.

The company cares about the physical and mental health of employees, attaches importance to team activities, pays attention to the cultivation of staff quality and business ability, and actively carries out communicative cultural activities such as internal training and outsourcing training, fosters collective cohesion and centripetal force, and enables employees to work passionately.

Employees are a part of the company. The company hopes and welcomes every employee to make rational proposals for the company's production and operation.


Green Business

(1)Energy saving and emission reduction

To ensure safety and health, the environment is the foundation of the business activities of the company and the social responsibility to be fulfilled. The company is committed to energy conservation, emission reduction, rational control, and strive to create a safe and healthy environment.

For the machine equipment · operating environment, etc. to supervise management according to the 6S standard.

When an abnormal situation occurs, execute "stop, call, wait" thoroughly.

Adhere to the requirements of laws and interests and stakeholders to prevent environmental pollution.

Implement management systems in the areas of production ·products · services to continuously improve activities that reduce environmental impact.

In terms of sewage disposal, the company reduces the generation of waste from the source, and actively classifies the waste and recycles the recoverable resources to minimize waste production. Effectively control pollutants discharged on the basis of reduced emissions, and strive to minimize environmental pollution.

(2) Occupational Safety

Employees are the most valuable resources and wealth of enterprises, and they are an important foundation and guarantee for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. The health and safety of every employee is the theme of the company forever. The company strictly implements the standardization of safety production, and always adheres to the policy of “safety first, prevention first; full participation, continuous improvement”. Pursuing the goal of “zero injury, zero accident, zero pollution” and sustainable development strategy.

 The company conducts several safety promotion activities every year, so that every employee participates in it, and the importance of safety is always taken care of.

The company conducts fire evacuation drills and dangerous goods leakage drills on a regular basis, which enables employees to evacuate in the first instance in an emergency.

Environmental Management

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